Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

A clean and clutter-free home depicts the pure aesthetics of homeowners. How many times do you have to feel embarrassed because of your cluttered home? At Cleanrific, we understand that you often lag in the cleaning part due to the hectic professional and personal routine. So why not hire someone who takes care of your lovely home like ours?

Yes, Cleanrific is your ultimate solution for all kind of apartment and house cleaning Sydney based services!

Trained Professionals We Believe In Customer Delight

Our trained professional with extensive experience in the cleaning industry, offer their unparalleled services to wipe out all the dirt, grime, and clutter out of your precious property. We offer our professional services across Sydney with a prime focus on health.

When it comes to house cleaning Sydney based services, you need someone who has the right training and experience to give you a home with sparkling shine. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Cleanrific gives you ultimate customer delight.

The Name You Can Trust

We incorporate our tested and acclaimed cleaning techniques with your cleaning needs and demands to attain outstanding cleaning goals. One of the best practice we have at Cleanrific is to take our client with us throughout the cleaning process. So you tell us our desires, and we ensure that you get your desired cleaning.

We create a well-thought plan for your home and perform a thorough cleaning to wipe, dust, and shine every nook and cranny. Cleanrific is the name you can trust for professional services, profound quality, and excellent customer care services.

Extensive Training For Unparalleled Service

At Cleanrific, we ensure each of our employees undergo comprehensive training to deliver quality. We choose industry professionals with extensive experience to give you an excellent house cleaning Sydney experience.

When you hire our services, you get the professionals at a job with the right training and tools to give your home a thorough cleaning. We are here for you to offer apartment cleaning Sydney based services 24/7.

You can choose us without being afraid of liabilities and cancellations. Our team will arrive at your location on schedule and perform pre-planned cleaning to deliver the ultimate customer delight.

For all kinds of apartment cleaning services, Cleanrific provides highly trained staff with the right tools. Moreover, for all the renters and homeowners, Cleanrific gives your home a whole clean and neat vibe. Whether you are looking for apartment cleaning services for move-in or move-out, we give you top-notch services to let you have your deposit back conveniently.

So call us today and request a free estimate by calling at 1300 289 365

Inside Out Cleaning Every Time

At Cleanrific, we take pride in delivering cleaning services that cover almost every corner of your home. Of course, you can clean your home all by yourself, but the finish and quality you get from hiring a professional cleaning company are beyond possible.

From recruiting experienced staff to ensuring rigorous training, use of top-quality products and gadgets, we have everything in place to change the cleaning game of your home. Cleanliness is essential to keep your home clean from all kinds of allergens and contaminations.

However, conventional cleaning can never give you as promising results as you can have by hiring Cleanrific.

Get Rid Of All The Dust And Mess

Although a home requires constant cleaning when you have the right cleaning company at your speed dial, you can enjoy a clean house until at least your next cleaning appointment. Instead of using conventional cleaning tools, we use the latest techniques and products that ensure deep cleaning and attention to detail.

So why hire someone with a feather duster who cleans your home by transferring dust from one place to another when you can have professionals like Cleanrific?

Choose The Schedule You Like

At Cleanrific, we offer our professional services at your pleasure. You can hire our team on a regular, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual basis. All you need is to call us, and we will respond to you with a free estimate immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are House Cleaning Services?

House cleaning Sydney services are customized services offered by various professional companies. You can choose the service according to your cleaning needs and budget. If you do not have time to do it yourself, we do it for you!

While you have a cup of excellent coffee, our trained team will clean every nook and cranny of your home. From one-time to deep down cleaning, we have everything you ever need when it comes to cleaning.

Depending on the size of your home, your cleaning requirements, and home condition, you can find various solutions with Cleanrific.

At Cleanrific, you can find a wide range of housekeeping services with our unparalleled approach to take on all kinds of cleaning jobs. Our trained and dedicated team follows a well-proven cleaning plan for efficient, quick, and top-notch cleaning. So, how about having something that takes care of your house as you do?

  1. What Kind Of House Cleaning Service Do Cleanrific Offer?

We have with us the following high-quality professional house cleaning Sydney based services to deliver our esteemed clients the ultimate customer delight.

  • Recurring cleaning services:

Cleanrific offers you a flexible cleaning schedule according to your ease. You can hire us for daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services.

  • One time housekeeping services:

Do you already have housekeeping staff, however, want a professional hand for a deep and thorough cleaning? Yes, we have just the right cleaning service option for you. Hire our valuable services to freshen up things.

  • Exclusive cleaning services:

We are looking for a professional cleaning service to handle your big cleaning project. Do not worry; we have the right team and the right tools to handle all kinds of cleaning projects. From cleaning after paint job to annual deep cleaning for thanksgiving dinner, you demand, and we provide.

  • Spring cleaning services:

A house needs a thorough, in-depth cleaning process. However, to have the best cleaning experience always hire professionals like Cleanrific to get rid of all the dust, grime, and dullness caused by long layered winters. Our team will put their expertise to bring back your home in pre-winter condition.

  • Move-in or move out services:

Moving in or out of any residential property is a long tiring experience. So when you are already caught up why bothered about the cleaning job? Let us handle the cleaning of your previous or new home to ease your moving forward. While you manage your packing and loading, we will handle your cleaning job for you at highly affordable rates.

  1. What Is The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Cleaning?

A residential cleaning service gives you specialized cleaning services for your home. When you hire a professional company for apartment cleaning you get services including detailed cleaning of the entire house. Commercial cleaning services on the other hand offer services for a commercial buildings like offices, schools, and retail stores.

It is only the depth of cleaning that makes a difference between residential and commercial cleaning services. Commercial cleaning is somewhat regular and surfaced, however house cleaning, on the other hand, is comprehensive and detailed.

  1. What Do I Get If I Hire Cleanrific For House Cleaning Services?

At Cleanrific, we follow a very detailed process to deliver top-notch cleaning services to our valuable clients. From scrubbing to dusting, sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting, we perform all the steps to ensure detailed cleaning. So get your kitchen, rooms, living room, and bathroom cleaned by unparalleled cleaning services from Cleanrific!


One of the most visited places in the entire house, the kitchen needs regular cleaning to remove the oil layering and grime from your appliances, countertops and cooking ranges.

We offer detailed cleaning of;

  • Exterior appliances
  • Ovens and cooking ranges
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops


The bathroom requires proper cleaning to avoid the formation of mold. We offer our professional and trained team with the right products to give your bathroom a neat and shiny look. Here are some of the services that we provide under bathroom cleaning head

Scrubbing and cleaning of;

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Showers
  • Tubs
  • And flooring


Your rooms might look like they do not need cleaning, however deep inside, they are screaming for a clean-up. Yes, you heard it right. Although you make your bed every day and dust off the furniture regularly, still there are things you haven’t done to make sure utter cleanliness.

Take, for instance, your carpets filled with dirt, allergens, and contaminations need proper cleaning at regular intervals.

Your hard-surfaced floors require some good mopping and scrubbing to revive their shine. Are you worried about cobwebs? Why not hire the experts to handle the job?  Along with dealing with the carpets and floor, we also ensure the proper cleaning of windows and doors to deliver the ultimate service experience.

Our team will arrive at your location and perform detailed cleaning to leave your home spike and spank.

Do you need any more reason to think otherwise? so, skip all the confusion part and Choose the best service provider across Sydney and give your home the care and nurture it deserves. Cleanrific is all you need to have the ultimate cleaning for your residential property at highly affordable rates.

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Sat-Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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    David Carter
    David Carter
    04:57 02 Feb 21
    They are truly masters of their craft and made a work of art out of our home. A lot of the people who came to do jobs... at our house were careless and seemed as if they were just here for a paycheck. Everyone with Cleanrific treated our home as if it were their own. We’ve done a lot to make this place our own and our Cleanrific makes it shine.read more
    Clay Micarty
    Clay Micarty
    04:12 02 Feb 21
    Cleanrific came to clean my bathroom and they were awesome!!! Cleaned my stove/range, windows, ceiling fans. My house... feels awesome!!! I'll be enjoying these services from now on.read more
    Ghram Bel
    Ghram Bel
    04:08 02 Feb 21
    Great rates, great staff, great job. Cleanrific is a relatively young company but they do work as if they've been... around for generations. They really know their stuff. I've already recommended them to a few of my coworkers and to anyone looking for a Home Cleaning service in Sydney.read more
    David King
    David King
    16:49 31 Jan 21
    I can't say enough about these incredible people. They are honest, dedicated, and accountable! It is hard to find... companies that are so dedicated to their service and product! Their prices are beyond fair and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.read more
    sono nasir
    sono nasir
    16:38 31 Jan 21
    I can't say enough about these incredible people. They are honest, dedicated, and accountable! It is hard to find... companies that are so dedicated to their service and product! Their prices are beyond fair and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.read more
    Emma Watson
    Emma Watson
    16:28 31 Jan 21
    They always have a great positive vibe about them and are ready to jump on any problem or task at the drop of a hat.... Very speedy and timely service. I would recommend them to anyone to use for your residential or commercial needs!!!! Thanks for the great experience Cleanrific!read more
    Tonja Gaugh
    Tonja Gaugh
    04:03 30 Jan 21
    This company is fast, professional, and affordable. Our home after cleaning looks fantastic, makes me want to move in!... I would definitely recommend Cleanrific to anyone.read more
    Manuel Fonda
    Manuel Fonda
    06:23 26 Jan 21
    Would recommend to anyone this house cleaning service in Sydney! The friendly crew arrived on schedule and did a great... job. They cleaned very thoroughly and professionally and made sure I was pleased with their work before leaving.read more
    Mahtab Khalid
    Mahtab Khalid
    12:01 22 Jan 21
    Would recommend to anyone this house cleaning service in Sydney! The friendly crew arrived on schedule and did a great... job. They cleaned very thoroughly and professionally and made sure I was pleased with their work before leaving.read more
    Race Car
    Race Car
    19:37 07 Jan 21
    Would recommend to anyone this house cleaning service in Sydney! Friendly crew arrived on schedule and did a great job.... They cleaned very thoroughly and professionally and made sure I was pleased with their work before leaving.read more
    Belt Rye
    Belt Rye
    10:24 06 Jan 21
    When they did a first time deep cleaning I fell in love with my home again! I love their fixed pricing it just makes... things easier so you don’t have to keep track of the hours and the fact that everything is included in that price. No fees or hidden extras. I can’t stand the companies that want to charge me more for the oven, stove, microwave, fridge. Cleanrific includes everything!! Highly highly recommend!read more
    Jacqueline Lee
    Jacqueline Lee
    02:14 26 Nov 20
    I was incredibly impressed with the standard of work, all my windows were spotless and the attention to detail in every... area of my home was amazing! Well done... I would recommend Cleanrific to anyone.read more
    Mathakul Hankla
    Mathakul Hankla
    09:37 22 Nov 20
    Cleaning my house has always been a tough task. From the drapes, the tiles and even getting rid of grime and stains in... the kitchen. I decided to use a professional and got Cleanrific recommended to me by a friend who had used them in the past. I must say that I am impressed. Great service! Amazing cleaners! 100% will use again.read more
    Andrew & Nat Henkel
    Andrew & Nat Henkel
    08:11 21 Nov 20
    I’m pretty busy so I wanted to get a cleaning company I could work with even in my absence. I can say I have found... them! Not only does Cleanrific provide highly-trained and professional staff, the actual cleaning process is very thorough. Thank you!read more
    Aom Aommy
    Aom Aommy
    08:06 21 Nov 20
    My carpets were always a big obstacle for me and these guys at Cleanrific went through it with no problems. They used... amazing products and my carpets haven’t looked this great in a long time. I highly recommend them.read more
    Jess Arlo
    Jess Arlo
    04:36 19 Nov 20
    Cleanrific were exceptionally helpful to deal with. Their communication was prompt and professional. I was at the... property during the clean , as I had work I needed to do. Their service was friendly , quick and thorough. The house was cleaner than when I moved in , and I received my entire bond back. The real estate and myself were incredibly happy.read more
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